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Office Tantrums for Working Mothers:

You are not performing like before!! Are you planning to start a family soon? Do you want the workload to be reduced? I don't think you are ready for this role. Better luck next time! You don't seem to spend more time at office these days. Are you leaving early? Why have you logged in late?

If these lines were thrown at you, we all can completely relate to you as working mothers. Once you are back from your maternity, you are in a stage of embracing yourself back to how you were before but the fact that so much has changed in you mentally, emotionally and physically drains out all the energy from you but hey, you are not taking that as a reason and stepping back, are you???

In fact, you are ready even more, to face those challenges of how people look at you, how they judge and side-line you but you still have a clear vision of proving yourself once AGAIN.

Different kinds of working Mothers:

All mothers are working mothers. Women who are full time house wives are working round the clock but don't get paid but there are other set of women who are also career driven and want to be a professional at workplace while managing to be a part time house wife. Some work to put the food on the table, few do it for being successful and rest do it because they want the upcoming generations to look up-to them as a role model and I am one amongst them! If you are a single parent, you have no choice but to struggle everyday to make a living at home and at workplace. You still see success coming your way for the sheer dedication and hard work shown.

Being a Mother makes us less efficient or less committed??

Let’s accept the fact that working mothers are best resource at “Time Management”. They know exactly when to feed the baby, when to put the kids to bed and yet manage their 8 hours of work schedule. Everyday, every second is a struggle, but they are still willing to take the risk and manage to make it big in their chosen profession while they strive to be a good mother. How does that make us less committed at work?? Working mothers get a lot of discipline at home/workplace, they are bound to take an organized and creative approach at workplace since they are bound to feed such ideas to their kids which will have a great outcome on the kids future and business as well.

Are you in a “Right Place”?

Women form an integral part of the workforce in any sector but how is your workplace really treating you? Most of them are forced to quit or are gender biased and one of these reasons push you to the edge of not performing better. Women who have low morale just quit despite their financial crisis as she doesn’t get much support from the higher-ups hence if a working mother is committed to her work but still doesn’t have a right platform, her confidence and ability to think bigger just goes in vain. On the other hand if you have a flexible management leadership who really can shape up the Policies and work culture for you, what more can working mother really ask for??

There has been an evolution in how the Money has transformed from Barter system to now popularCrypto Currencies, likewise there are companies and start-ups who are genuinely trying to make their Policies “Women friendly” which is beneficial for working Mothers in today's digital age such as

  •  Reducing working hours

  • Work from home or remote

  •  Deploying women to a process that can suit working mothers work/home situations

  •  Breaking the stereo types by putting an end to gender pay gaps

  •  Encouraging more Women in Tech

  •  Opening a day care facility at the workplace for their kids

  •  Lot of Monetary benefits/ Paid holidays

India’s Maternity Benefit Act of 1961’s latest amendment increased maternity leave from 12 weeks to 26 weeks. While this was seen as a welcome move for India’s corporate sector, women working in small-scale businesses and start-ups expressed concerns over being able to return to work, given the rapid pace of organizational changes, increasing workloads and the need for dynamic skillsets.

Infoeaze, a Tech start-up is promoting such culture of recruiting more women and more so “working mothers” who are ready to do a fantastic job and believe in themselves to make it big to achieve desired results as a mother and definitely as a Professional. We strongly believe that “a heart of working mother is a heart of a warrior”. After all, don’t you agree that “It’s hard to FAIL but even more worse to not have TRIED?”

Quick peak on Stats:

(1) 44% of companies across the world doesn’t provide work from home option which leaves most of the women with no choice

(2) 43% of highly qualified women are quitting their jobs or off-ramping for a period of time to take care of their kids as they can’t cope up with Office & Home at the same time.

(3) More than 42% of women stated that they experienced gender biased atmosphere which left them with very minimal opportunities

(4) About 40 per cent of women were asked questions related to family planning.

(5) Around 27% of women who went through interviews were asked about their personal details like marital status, Age, health & also whether they have kids (I am also included in this list).

Currently I have been focusing a lot on making the best of my career and also be a mother who is there for her kid. Infoeaze has encouraged me to explore, enhance my knowledge in many areas of Technology (Blockchain,Speech-to-text, facial recognition etc) while I also have been given the platform to showcase the best of what I know. Let me be honest in admitting that I started with “Zero” understanding of technology but as of today I can say that I am able to understand different dimensions of technology and the benefits of it which can help a lot of people in making their life a lot more easy. There is a sense of pride in what I do and how my ideas are appreciated which boosts my energy to execute the tasks on a much higher rate. Infoeaze is definitely “People centric” and our culture focuses more on the saying “Nothing matters to us more than you”.

I am a mother of a year old kid and my passion as a mother, a working professional never seems to die even for a bit.

Tell us more about your challenge as a working mother and what more can be done to make the workplace “feels like home” by dropping me a note at








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