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Infoeaze now a member of Trust Over IP Foundation

Key Update:

This month I am pleased to share that Infoeaze is now a contributing member of Trust Over IP Foundation (ToIP). This renews our commitment to support frameworks surrounding different ecosystem, credentials, provider, and utility to promote digital trust. This is in line with Infoeaze core values (Knowledge, Creativity, Nimble, Inclusion, Compassion) and product promise which is - "helping people make informed decision".

We at Infoeaze believe, starting on the journey of implementing self-sovereign identity (SSI) within our Consent mobile and desktop wallet that uses W3C Verifiable Credentials (VC) data model is just the beginning. There is more work that needs to be done to promote digital trust and are set out to play our part. We look forward to actively collaborate, support and share knowledge within the wider ToIP community as the open source community grows.

About Trust Over IP Foundation:

The Trust over IP Foundation is defining a complete architecture for Internet-scale digital trust that combines both cryptographic trust at the machine layer and human trust at the business, legal, and social layers. The Trust over IP Foundation is an independent project hosted at Linux Foundation to enable the trustworthy exchange and verification of data between any two parties on the Internet.

TOIP Stack

Trust over IP defines an Internet-scale solution for creating and maintaining trusted relationships between any two peers on the Internet: people, organizations and connected things.

The unique “dual stack” design—combining the ToIP Governance Stack for human trust and the ToIP Technology Stack for technical trust —is a complete architecture for Internet-scale digital trust because it combines both cryptographic trust at the machine layer and human trust at the business, legal, and social layers. This enables the ToIP stack to address key problems experienced by every enterprise engaged in digital communications and commerce today: password fatigue, form fatigue, customer onboarding, KYC, secure messaging, data portability, business process automation, privacy management, supply chain provenance, GDPR compliance—almost everything a Chief Security Officer, Chief Privacy Officer, and Chief Compliance Officer are looking for.

Challenge ToIP is aiming to solve:

Businesses today are struggling to protect and manage digital assets and data, especially in an increasingly complex enterprise environment that includes the Internet of Things (IoT), Edge Computing, Artificial Intelligence and much more. This is compounding the already low consumer confidence in the use of personal data and is slowing innovation on opportunities like digital identity and the adoption of new services that can support our daily, hyper-connected lives.

Without a global standard for how to ensure digital trust between any two peers—just like the Internet’s TCP/IP standards ensures a network connection between any two peers—these trends are bound to continue. The ToIP Foundation will use the new W3C Verifiable Credentials and Decentralized Identifiers (DID) standards to leverage interoperable digital wallets and credentials to address these challenges and enable consumers, businesses and governments to better manage risk, improve digital trust and protect all forms of identity online.


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Madan Prasad

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