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Fantastic 4

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

The last four weeks can be summed up with four words

1. People – we spent time articulating and defining our GOALS around raising seed investment to support our growth. The team spent three full days defining the problem we have set out to solve, what our proposed solutions looks like, the core idea, our approach, go to market plan and fund allocation for the next 12 months.

2. Priority – we spent time identifying key PROBLEMS that stand in our way to effectively utilise our limited resources around how we spend and where we spend our time. This included stopping few activities in-spite of time and resource invested in them, saying no to opportunities which sent us off track, re-assessing what our brand message and positioning should be in the market. The values we want to stand up to around education and learning.

3. Partnership – we spent time accurately DIAGNOSING the problems in-depth to identify who can support us within the start-up ecosystem by targeting where we seek support. We have joined NUMA AI-focused start-up community and program to accelerate ML & AI journey, joined the NASCOM centre of excellence for data science & artificial intelligence, we are in discussion with a centre of excellence focused on smart meters and application of blockchain, currently using free credits from google (based in our building) for blockchain development.

4. Proof-of-Concept – we spent time on DESIGNING plans where we not only showcase Infoeaze capability using our “Show and Tell” approach but start moving into the next stage of Development around private blockchain for an FMCG leader around supply chain in South Africa and application of AI for front line transformation for a big 4 energy giant around automation in the UK.

The next few weeks the team would look into DOING the necessary, to push our designs through, to start seeing the results in the form of - revenue, thought leadership, advisory board and investment capital.



Principles by Ray Dalio - The Five Step Process :

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