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Blockchain PoC with Cambridge MBA Students

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

On February 8-9, 2019, a team of Cambridge MBA students participated in Net Impact Case Competition in Boulder, CO, USA. It is a premiere MBA competition focused on solving real world sustainability business cases and attracts top-rated business schools and future industry leaders.

With the support of Infoeaze, the team developed a Blockchain based solution on food traceability in the dairy industry. Recent trend in the industry suggests that consumers demand increased transparency on how products were sourced, produced, handled and delivered at each supply chain. On the other hand, companies in the dairy industry have increased efforts in providing safe, nutritious food not only to their customers but also to the wider society and making positive impact on the local community. So there is a growing need for greater connections between agriculture, food, nutrition, health, and environment.

Fumie (Fiona) Uchikiba, Kean Ng, Baysa Naran, Gabriel Ronacher

In this regard, the team proposed to develop a mobile application that allows consumers to access information on the origin of the raw materials, product handling, packaging and shipping process. Through TraceDanone application, the team suggested greater collaboration between each players of the supply chain as well as other stakeholders such as food banks. To enable this collaboration, the application acts as a platform for shared and secured system of record that improves traceability of food from farm to fork. The solution brings together retailers and food banks to reduce food wastage, further information on the nearest food bank and incentives for donating to food bank (e.g. discounts).

A decentralised blockchain based information system provides for opportunity to draw a better understanding of the connections between each players of the supply chain. It encourages systems thinking instead of linear, thus, enabling an ecosystem for circular economy in the food industry.

The judges were impressed by the prototype delivered by Infoeaze and commented that the solution is

“innovative and well thought out, solving several social and environmental problems"

Demo video of TraceDanone Blockchain PoC

*Google Play Store link to be added soon*

Demo Consumer Mobile App PoC


post contributed by

Baysa Naran

MBA Candidate | University of Cambridge, Judge Business School

Previously worked as fiscal policy consultant at PricewaterhouseCoopers with experience of developing and implementing projects on strategic policy advice on public finance management, tax policy and public sector governance. An experienced international taxation consultant and a qualified accountant (ACCA). Fluent in English, Mongolian, Russian and Turkish. Currently reading for MBA at the University of Cambridge.

Other Contributors: Sandeep Krishnappa for Digital Advisory and Engagement Lead

[Baysa Naran - Senior Climate Finance Associate at Climate Policy Initiative]

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