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On 7th June 2020, Infoeaze decided to setup a knowledge exchange platform for students focusing on blockchain in the renewable energy sector.  The mission of this new knowledge exchange is to raise awareness and promote the usage of blockchain in the renewable energy sector across universities. (i.e. Verification-as-a-Utility Business Model, Guarantee-of-Origin, Carbon Trading etc) This is our commitment to Sustainable Development Goal 7 and Target 7.A in action.

The four key areas our knowledge exchange would cover are:

  • Identity: Identity in the age of digital transformation. (Identity for Sensors and Machines

  • Token Economy: New Business Models using Token Economy. (Crowd Funding, Carbon Markets, Incentive etc)

  • Carbon: Role of carbon in climate change and technology facilitating net zero carbon economy. (Green Hydrogen, Green Ammonia, Carbon Tracking etc)

  • Prosumers: The emerging role of Prosumers in the decentralized ecosystem. (Energy Grids and Carbon Trading etc)


The knowledge exchange platform would focus on aggregating best in class content to support commercial understanding and industry knowledge of blockchain within the renewable energy sector. Students can also access a member only global forum to network with industry experts focusing on energy transition.

I welcome you on this exciting journey of knowledge exchange.





Madan Prasad - CEO

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